Nancy Laney

I spent 35 years working on highly complex and controlled information.  You will never need to worry that I will share your information with anyone else without your permission.

Another thing that people are concerned about is how much it will cost to hire someone to do work for them.  Most companies have an hourly rate or their websites simply say "call for an estimate".  I'm confident enough in my ability to fix up your data, that I offer my services for a flat fee.  You can control the price by the amount of data you send.

I have seen so many intelligent, busy people suffering for hours with Excel's quirks trying to do something we could do in minutes. It literally hurts me to see people getting frustrated when I could have helped.    Every time someone gave their data to me, they were amazed at how quickly I could get Excel to behave.  And they always told me how many hours they had beaten their heads against the wall that Excel can be.

I want to help people who hate Excel spend their time on things they want to do, by providing quality spreadsheets for a price they can determine in advance. 

My Mission

About Me

I love Excel!  And I know you don't.